Plone Developer Culture

If you are going to be contributing back to Plone, we ask a couple things. First, please join the plone-developers list and at minimum lurk around. You will quickly see how people work and what kind of things are best suited for group discussion. Second, please ask for help setting up your environment in IRC. Most of our developers work there and you will get the best advice there.

Download an IRC client (Or using an alternative client through the web) and jump on to #plone-framework (and/or #plone - both on freenode). The people in #plone-framework have been using plone for a very long time and are happy to help you get going and make the right decisions. More info on IRC can be found at

If you are actively committing code, join the test bot mailing list so you know if your recent commits have broken (or fixed!) the build.

If you are in a timezone when things are not very active, please post to the plone-developers mailing list or grab a beer and wait for people to wake up.

When in doubt, please ask. The code base is very complicated and everyone is vested in the right thing happening. Despite the occasional grouch here and there, most plone devs will go out of their way to get you on the right path.