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List of all API methods with descriptions


api.portal.get() Get the Plone portal object out of thin air.
api.portal.get_navigation_root([context]) Get the navigation root object for the context.
api.portal.get_tool([name]) Get a portal tool in a simple way.
api.portal.get_localized_time([datetime, ...]) Display a date/time in a user-friendly way.
api.portal.send_email([sender, recipient, ...]) Send an email.
api.portal.show_message([message, request, type]) Display a status message.
api.portal.get_registry_record([name, interface]) Get a record value from


api.content.get([path, UID]) Get an object.
api.content.create([container, type, id, ...]) Create a new content item.
api.content.delete([obj, objects, ...]) Delete the object(s).
api.content.copy([source, target, id, safe_id]) Copy the object to the target container.
api.content.move([source, target, id, safe_id]) Move the object to the target container.
api.content.rename([obj, new_id, safe_id]) Rename the object.
api.content.get_uuid([obj]) Get the object's Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID).
api.content.get_state([obj, default]) Get the current workflow state of the object.
api.content.transition([obj, transition, ...]) Perform a workflow transition for the object or attempt to perform workflow transitions on the object to reach the given state.
api.content.get_view([name, context, request]) Get a BrowserView object.


api.user.get([userid, username]) Get a user.
api.user.create([email, username, password, ...]) Create a user.
api.user.delete([username, user]) Delete a user.
api.user.get_current() Get the currently logged-in user.
api.user.is_anonymous() Check if the currently logged-in user is anonymous.
api.user.get_users([groupname, group]) Get all users or all users filtered by group.
api.user.get_roles([username, user, obj, ...]) Get user's site-wide or local roles.
api.user.get_permissions([username, user, obj]) Get user's site-wide or local permissions.
api.user.grant_roles([username, user, obj, ...]) Grant roles to a user.
api.user.revoke_roles([username, user, obj, ...]) Revoke roles from a user.[groupname]) Get a group.[groupname, title, ...]) Create a group.[groupname, group]) Delete a group.[groupname, group, ...]) Add the user to a group.[groupname, group, ...]) Remove the user from a group.[username, user]) Get all groups or all groups filtered by user.[groupname, group, obj]) Get group's site-wide or local roles.[groupname, group, ...]) Grant roles to a group.[groupname, group, ...]) Revoke roles from a group.


api.env.adopt_roles([roles]) Context manager for temporarily switching roles.
api.env.adopt_user([username, user]) Context manager for temporarily switching user inside a block.
api.env.debug_mode() Returns True if your zope instance is running in debug mode.
api.env.test_mode() Returns True if you are running the zope test runner.

Exceptions and errors

api.exc.PloneApiError Base exception class for plone.api errors.
api.exc.MissingParameterError Raised when a parameter is missing.
api.exc.InvalidParameterError Raised when a parameter is invalid.
api.exc.CannotGetPortalError Raised when the portal object cannot be retrieved.