Build development environment


A simple tutorial introducing the basics of Plone development.

In this tutorial, we build a Python development environment suitable for Plone. The environment should also be useful for any other Python development projects you have.

In these examples, the python_dev directory contains our entire development environment. This makes the examples easier, but may not work for everyone. You may need to adapt these examples to fit your situation.

There are 3 main steps in building our development environment; build Python 2.7, create a virtual_env, and install Plone. These correspond to 3 directories in our development environment:

  • buildout.python sits inside python_dev. It contains our build of Python 2.7
  • env-27 sits inside python_dev. It is our virtual_env.
  • hello_world is our Plone installation. It sits inside env-27.

The python_dev directory can sit anywhere on your filesystem that makes sense.