Introducing a sample AT Product and the contents of the tutorial.

In this part of the manual, we discuss a sample AT Product to explain CMF/Archetypes practices. We will be building a product called example.archetype, which will implement a content type (InstantMessage) that members with specific rights can use to add messages readable by other members. However, as you may have guessed, this is more a learning example than a usable product for a real website application.

What is a Product ? A product - a Zope product to be precise - is a third party add-on that can be integrated to provide additional functionality. It is a code package written using the Python language and conventions.

In order to understand this section you will need to have some prior knowledge of working on the file system and programming protocols common to Python and Zope.

The example.archetype product features the following CMF and Archetypes capabilities:

  • basic fields and widgets;
  • defining and using a vocabulary for a field with a selection widget;
  • defining specific “Add” permissions for the contents.

The code of the product can be downloaded here: