Presentation Mode

Plone comes with the ability to create very simple slideshow presentations.

Presentation Mode is a special feature of the Page content type. You can enable Presentation Mode by editing the page, then going to the Settings tab. Notice the Presentation Mode checkbox available there. Once checked, a link will appear in the view of the page for a user to view the page in Presentation Mode.

How to Create Slides

All the content for a presentation lives on a single page. You do not need to create a page for each slide. A slide is created when you use the Heading (h1) class on the page - they effectively indicate to Plone where you want your slides to be.

You can have as many slides as you want in your presentation. Just add more Heading (h1) tags to your page and the content between that h1 tag and the next h1 tag becomes the content of your slide.

How to Format a Slide

It is very important to note that the Normal Paragraph style will not render any content in the slide. Slides are meant to display summary information, not chunks of paragraph text. As such, you must class all content in each slide with a style other than Normal Paragraph. Examples of those styles include:

  • Heading (h1)
  • Subheading (h3)
  • Definition list
  • Bulleted list
  • Numbered list
  • Literal
  • Pull-quote
  • Call out
  • Highlight