• Various typo fixes

    @tkimnguyen fixed various typos.

    @gforcada fixed various typos.

  • Fixed mistaken import: p.a.field -> p.a.blob.field

    @mauritsvanrees fixed a wrong import in updating_addons

  • Added documentation why setuptools are scanning .py files

    @mgedmin added documentation explaining why setuptools are scanning .py files.

  • Fixed post-login example, add collective.onlogin note

    @lentinj fixed post-login example.

  • De-grok'ed' example

    @lentinj removed grok from an example about post-login.

  • Updated filename

    @staeff updated a filename in the README.

  • Added links to manual page

    @svx added a missing link to a manual page, that fixed #219.

  • Updated installation.rst

    @polyester updated and adjusted the .rst syntax.

  • Updated default Ubuntu version

    @svx updated the installation docs with Ubuntu 14.04 as default version, that fixed #210.

  • Started to remove paster/zopeskel stuff

    @svx started to work on removing old paster/zopeskel documentation.

  • Added link to zope.component docs

    @djowett added a link to zope.component documentation.

  • Removed Plone 3 docs from Plone 4 documentation

    @svx removed old Plone 3 only documentation from the docs for PLone 4.

  • Fixed some of the screen-shots, and broken links

    @polyester fixed certain broken links and missing screen-shots.

  • Fixed no :term: in headers, and deleting an invisible utf-8 char

    @polyester fixed various .rst syntax mistakes in the docs.

  • Updated helper_tools.rst

    @polyester updated the documentation about emacs and vim.

  • Changed order of docs

    @svx changed the order of the migration docs, with this the docs are more up to date.

  • Cleaned upgrade part

    @svx adjusted the docs for Plone 4.

  • Gave equal weight to ansible install

    @polyester updated the weight, ansible is now a equal citizen in the documentation.

  • Clarified styleguide

    @polyester updated the style-guide with best practices for README's and Changelogs.

  • Fixed docs about releasing a package

    @svx updated the documentation about releasing a package, this fixed issue #110.

  • Updated wysiwyg.rst

    @Schemata updated the docs about wysiwyg.

  • Updated link to collective.pdfpeek github repo

    @saily Updated genericsetup.rst with the correct and updated link.

  • Adjusted to pep8

    @saily fixed example in genericsetup.rst to be pep8 compatible.

  • Adjusted code example to our guidelines

    @saily adjusted genericsetup.rst to make use of plone.api.

  • Added bobtemplates.plone

    @svx updated the documentation to follow best practices and use bobtemplates.plone.

  • Renamed images for sharing narrative

    @polyester renamed various images, that fixed issue #159.

  • Update customizing_plone.rst

    @polyester updated customizing_plone.rst with a reference to contentrules.

  • Removed outdated file

    @svx removed and old and outdated file, which was used for testing purposes.

  • Updated style-guide

    @polyester and @svx updated the style-guide with the usage of gists.

  • Added document where to find hotfixes

    @polyester wrote documentation about where user can find information about security hotfixes.

  • Corrected ZEXP export/import

    @thet fixed documentation about export and import of ZEXP.

  • Sublime helpers

    @polyester added more documentation about Sublime add-ons for writing good documentation.