• Update quick install guide to remove old options, emphasize new

    @smcmahon updated the installation guide.

  • Update Plone version, add note

    @svx update the Plone version in the install part of the documentation and added a note about ZopeSkel.

  • Update wordlist

    @svx updated the list with good known words to reduce false typo warnings.

  • Switch from to localhost

    @svx updated various parts of the docs to use localhost instead of

  • Some very trivial spelling and grammar fixes

    @rockfruit fixed spelling and grammar of the docs on certain places.

  • Various fixes

    @polyester fixed various broken links including #280.

  • Using the Zope debug prompt with Plone

    @tsimkins added documentation on how to use the Zope debug prompt from the command line to interact with Plone.

  • Update WebDAV documentation

    @tkimnguyen updated the docs about WebDav and Plone.

  • Various typo and link fixes

    @hvelarde fixed various broken links and typos.

  • Added documentation on <title> element

    @fulv added documentation about titles in content items.