Running site locally


This document tells how to duplicate to your local machine. Previous Plone development experience needed.

Base buildout and Zope

Grab your own buildout copy from

XDV theming

  • Enter xdv:

    cd xdv
  • Checkout dv.xdvserver:

    svn co src/dv.xdvserver
  • Get static folder to correct context:

    ln -s ../static .
  • Edit nginx.cfg:

    libxml2 = ${buildout:directory}/parts/lxml/libxml2
    libxslt = ${buildout:directory}/parts/lxml/libxslt
    command = ${nginx:libxslt}/bin/xsltproc
             ${nginx:libxslt}/bin/xsltproc --html --nonet \
  • NGINX build instructions for OSX:

  • Add --with-pcre=/path/to/your/pcre-8.1 in nginx.cfg. This must point extracted PCRE source code (you don't need to compile PCRE by hand, just get the source)

  • Build it:

    bin/buildout -c nginx.cfg
  • If nginx building fails you can reset it with:

    rm -rf parts/nginx*
  • If your buildout fails with messages like:

         > /Users/moo/plone/xdv/etc/wide.xsl
         /bin/sh: line 1: /Users/moo/plone/xdv/parts/libxslt/bin/xsltproc: No such file or directory
         /bin/sh: line 7: /Users/moo/plone/xdv/parts/libxslt/bin/xsltproc: No such file or directory
    Check that you have xsltproc configured in nginx.cfg as instructed above.
  • After buildout completes do ngingx configtest:

    bin/nginxctl configtest
    2010/03/19 21:14:38 [info] 68212#0: the configuration file /Users/moo/plone/xdv/etc/nginx.conf was tested successfully
  • Then run it:

    bin/nginxctl start
  • Add see that this servers static plone.html:

  • Now you can edit nginx.cfg to pull content from your local Plone:

    #virtual-host = VirtualHostBase/http/
    #backend =
    # replace foobar with your Plone site id
    virtual-host = VirtualHostBase/http/localhost:5500/foobar/VirtualHostRoot
    backend =
  • You also need to touch static/rules/default.xml and comment out:

    <!-- Drop plone.css, we want the merged, compressed version from plone -->
        <drop theme='/html/head/link[@rel="stylesheet"]'/>
  • Rebuild and restart nginx:

    bin/buildout -c nginx.cfg ; bin/nginxctl stop ; bin/nginxctl start
  • Start Plone instance:

    cd ..
    bin/instance1 fg
  • Try:


    This should give Zope access and unthemed Plone site.

  • Try:


    It should show the themed default "Welcome to Plone page" instead of static XDV HTML content before.


  • Front page theming is done by static/plone-wide.html