Load-balancer options


install_loadbalancer: (yes|no)

Do you want to use a load balancer? Defaults to yes.


If you decide not to use a load balancer, you will need to make sure that the loadbalancer_port setting points to your main ZEO client if you are using a proxy cache. If you are not using a proxy_cache, you must make sure that proxycache_port points to the main ZEO client.

Defaults to yes.


loadbalancer_port: 6080

The front-end port for the load balancer. Defaults to 8080.


The haproxy stats page will be at http://localhost:1080/admin. The administrative password is disabled on the assumption that the port will be firewalled and you will use an ssh tunnel to connect.


loadbalancer_options: "maxconn 1 inter 10000 downinter 2000 rise 1 fall 2 on-error mark-down error-limit 15"

Use this variable to customize backend options for haproxy.