Caching proxy options


install_proxycache: (yes|no)

Do you want to install the Varnish reverse-proxy cache? Default is yes.


If you decide not to use a proxy cache, you will need to make sure that the proxycache_port setting points to your load balancer front end. If you are not using a load balancer, you must make sure that proxycache_port points to the main ZEO client.


proxycache_port: 5081

The front-end address for the proxy cache. Defaults to 6081.


We assume the varnish cache and admin ports are firewalled and that you will administer the cache via ssh.


proxycache_size: 512m

Sets the Varnish cache size. Default is 256m -- 256 megabytes.


proxycache_method: file

Use this to specify Varnish's cache mechanism. Default is malloc.

Cache controls

These settings fine-tune the cache rules.

# allow compression for all except these extensions
nocompress_ext: (jpg|png|gif|gz|tgz|bz2|tbz|mp3|ogg)

# never set cookies on responses with these extensions
no_response_cookie_ext: (pdf|asc|dat|txt|doc|xls|ppt|tgz|png|gif|jpeg|jpg|ico|swf|css|js)

# To improve caching, on incoming requests remove all except these cookies
cache_sanitize_cookie_exceptions: (statusmessages|__ac|_ZopeId|__cp)

# When these cookies are not found, mark request with
# X-Anonymous header to allow split caching.
nonanonymous_cookies: __ac(|_(name|password|persistent))

Defaults are as indicated in the example. Don't change these without giving it some thought.