Deprecated Templates Checklist

A number of the templates in plone_deprecated have now been removed completely. If your theme or product has customized these, you will need to replace them with the corresponding viewlet or portlet.

Deprecated template Replacement in Plone 4 Type plone.colophon viewlet plone.documentactions viewletmanager plone.belowcontenttitle.documentbyline viewlet plone.footer viewlet plone.contentviews viewlet plone.path_bar viewlet plone.personal_bar viewlet plone.searchbox viewlet plone.global_sections viewlet portlets.Calendar portlet portlets.Events portlet portlets.Language portlet portlets.Login portlet portlets.Navigation portlet portlets.News portlet portlets.Recent portlet plone.belowcontentbody.relateditems viewlet portlets.Review portlet plone.belowcontentbody.contenthistory viewlet

For more info about how the viewlet architecture replaced METAL macros check the Customizing the viewlets in main_template tutorial.

For an overview of the Plone portlets infrastucture, see the Portlets section of the Developer Manual.