Once you have your new shiny Plone site installed and running, the first thing we recommend you do is try out a few through the web customizations - changing the font colours and replacing the Plone logo with your own.

You probably have greater ambitions than this for the look and feel of your site, but editing the CSS and replacing the logo is a good way of making a start in learning theming techniques.


We're assuming that you are familiar with HTML and CSS - although the very basic customizations outlined here, don't require much knowledge of that. It will help if, as a manager, you've had a chance to investigate the Site Setup section of Plone.


First Sharpen Your Pencils
There are a number of tools out there that will make the process of theming Plone a great deal easier, so we run through them here. To see your customizations, you'll also need to be sure that you are running your site in debug/development mode.
Next Try Som se CSS Customizations
We'll walk you through the process of overriding the page title style, by customizing and editing the ploneCustom.css style sheet. All of this is done through-the-web via the Zope Management Interface.
Finally Replace the Logo
We'll revisit the techniques of customization and CSS editing and expand on them to replace the Plone logo. image with your own logo.