Creating a Python package for theme

If you want to work on the file system, here's the magic required to get yourself set up with a skeleton set of files and code.

This section will talk you through the processes required to create your own theme on the file system and to install this in your own Plone site.

The good news is that you don't have to write substantial amounts of code yourself to create the framework for your own file system theme, you can use a generator (Paster from ZopeSkel) to do this for you. This will give you a directory containing a number of pre-prepared directories and files, which you can augment or re-write with your own customizations.

In Practical 1: How to Create a Plone 3 Theme Product on the File System, you'll use the code generator to make your skeleton framework. This practical will also talk you through the files you've been given and what they do.

In Practical 2: How to Install your Plone 3 Theme Using Buildout, you'll make this product available for your Plone site to install and use.