Standard behaviors

A list of common behaviors that ship with Dexterity

Dexterity ships with several standard behaviors. The following table shows the interfaces you can list in the FTI behaviors properties and the resultant form fields and interfaces.

Interface Description Basic metadata: Adds title and description fields. Categorization: Adds keywords and language fields. Date range: Adds effective date and expiration date fields. Ownership: Adds creator, contributor, and rights fields. Dublin Core metadata: Adds standard metadata fields (equals Basic metadata + Categorization + Effective range + Ownership) Name from title: Automatically generate short URL name for content based on its initial title. Not a form field provider. Name from file name: Automatically generate short URL name for content based on its primary field file name Navigation root: Make all items of this type a navigation root Exclude From navigation: Allow items to be excluded from navigation Next previous navigation toggle: Allow items to have next previous navigation enabled Allow discussion: Allow discussion on this item Short name: Gives the ability to rename an item from its edit form. Next previous navigation: Enable next previous navigation for all items of this type
Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.constrains.ISelectableConstrainTypes Folder Addable Constrains: Restrict the content types that can be added to folderish content Adds the Related items field to the Categorization fieldset. Adds a LeadImage field like used for News item.