Standard and common third party widgets

Most of the time, you will use the standard widgets provided by z3c.form. To learn more about z3c.form widgets, see the z3c.form documentation. To learn about setting custom widgets for Dexterity content types, see the schema introduction.

The table below shows some commonly used custom widgets.

Widget Imported from Field Description
WysiwygFieldWidget plone.app.z3cform.wysiwyg Text Use Plone’s standard WYSIWYG HTML editor on a standard text field. Note that if you used a RichText field, you will get the WYSIWYG editor automatically.
RichTextWidget plone.app.textfield.widget RichText Use Plone’s standard WYSIWYG HTML editor on a RichText field. This also allows text-based markup such as reStructuredText.
AutocompleteFieldWidget plone.formwidget.autocomplete Choice Autocomplete widget based on jQuery Autocomplete. Requires a Choice field with a query source. See vocabularies.
AutocompleteMultiFieldWidget plone.formwidget.autocomplete Collection Multi-select version of the above. Used for a List, Tuple, Set or Frozenset with a Choice value_type.
ContentTreeFieldWidget plone.formwidget.contenttree RelationChoice Content browser. Requires a query source with content objects as values.
MultiContentTreeFieldWidget plone.formwidget.contenttree RelationList Content browser. Requires a query source with content objects as values.
NamedFileFieldWidget plone.formwidget.namedfile NamedFile/NamedBlobFile A file upload widget
NamedImageFieldWidget plone.formwidget.namedfile NamedImage/NamedBlobImage An image upload widget
TextLinesFieldWidget plone.z3cform.textlines Collection One-per-line list entry for List, Tuple, Set or Frozenset fields. Requires a value_type of TextLine or ASCIILine.
SingleCheckBoxFieldWidget z3c.form.browser.checkbox Bool A single checkbox for true/false.
CheckBoxFieldWidget z3c.form.browser.checkbox Collection A set of checkboxes. Used for Set or Frozenset fields with a Choice value_type and a vocabulary.