Creating a New Viewlet Manager

A quick cheat sheet for creating a new viewlet manager.

Through the Web

You cannot create a new viewlet manager through the web. To override the order in which viewlets appear in a viewlet manager, use the instructions for viewlets.

In your own product

If you're basing your new viewlet manager on a Plone Default viewlet manager, look up the details in the Elements section of this manual.

You will need to know the name of

Your theme specific interface
This is optional, but ensures that your viewlet is only available for your theme. If you used the plone3_theme paster template, then the name will probably be IThemeSpecific.

You will need to create the following (you should be able to locate the originals to copy by looking them up in the elements section):

browser viewletManager directive
[your theme package]/browser/configure.zcml
Your viewlet manager interface
[your theme package]/browser/
configuration file directives
[your theme package]/profiles/default/viewlets.xml

Sample Interface

from zope.viewlet.interfaces import IViewletManager

class [your viewlet manager interface](IViewletManager):
    """ [A description of your viewlet manager goes here]  """

Sample configure.zcml directive

 name=[your namespace].[your element name]"
 provides=".interfaces.[your viewlet manager interface]"
 layer="[your theme interface]"