Internationalization and cache


Using Plone translation facilities in the presence of caching.


You need to have the following monkey-patch in place if you intend to use LinguaPlone (translated content) with front-end caching servers. Otherwise CSS, JS and media files will have a language cookie set on them, preventing cache from working.


This is a well-known Plone issue.


from ZPublisher.HTTPRequest import HTTPRequest

LanguageTool._old___call__ = LanguageTool.__call__

def LanguageTool__call__(self, container, req):
    """The __before_publishing_traverse__ hook.

    Patched to *not* set the language cookie, as this breaks the site model.

    self._old___call__(container, req)
    if not isinstance(req, HTTPRequest):
        return None
    response = req.response
    if 'I18N_LANGUAGE' in response.cookies:
        if 'set_language' in req.form:
            return None
        del response.cookies['I18N_LANGUAGE']

LanguageTool.__call__ = LanguageTool__call__

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