How to contribute to Plone core translations


How to contribute to the Plone translations.


You need to have write access to to be able to commit your translation directly. You can also update a po file online and make a pull request.

Updating translations for Plone 4.3

If you want to test your latest translation with unreleased packages containing i18n fixes for Plone 4, get the buildout like this:

git clone -b 4.2 git://
cd buildout.coredev
bin/buildout -c experimental/i18n.cfg
rm .mr.developer.cfg
ln -s experimental/.mr.developer.cfg
bin/instance fg

To update the buildout later:

git pull
bin/develop up -f

To update your translation, you can go there:

cd src/

Here you have the following directories:

  • locales used for core Plone translations.
  • locales-addons used for some addons packages.
  • locales-future used for Plone 5 packages. The po files can change really often. The translations will normally be merged to the locales directory when Plone 5 will be released. This directory is not included in 4.x releases. For developers: if you want to add a Plone 5 package to this directory, you can add it to the plone5 variable in experimental/i18n.cfg, don't forget to add a line in [sources] if it's missing.

Open the po file with poedit, kbabel or any other i18n tool. For example for French:

poedit locales/fr/LC_MESSAGES/plone.po

Please do a git pull before editing a po file to be sure you have the latest version.

Committing directly (commit access)

You can commit your translation from this locales directory:

git commit -a -m "Updated French translation"
git push

Creating a pull request (no commit access)

If you do not have commit access on Github collective group. you can do the following:

Login to Github. Go to Github

Press Fork. Now Github creates a copy of package for you.

Then on your computer in do a special git push to your own repository:

git push

Go to Github

Press button Create Pull request. Fill it in.

The request will appear for authors. If it does not get merged in timely manner, poke people on the #plone IRC channel or the mailing list below (sometimes requests go unnoticed).


Please ask questions on the plone-i18n mailing-list.