Where is What on the Page

How can you track down the files related to an individual page element?

At the time of writing, there's no in-built magic wand to point at an element on a Plone web page and find out exactly what templates and code are involved in its creation. There may be soon though, and the adventurous might like to explore Weblion's Gloworm tool.

If you're not ready for an adventure yet, then there are a number of good tutorials available with diagrams and guides to where is what.

Understanding how the CSS maps to the Page

The Weblion project has an excellent Wiki page to help you with this

Firebug (an add-on for Firefox), of course, is an essential tool for inspecting code and CSS for a page.

Page Elements

Page elements are consistently named in Plone, so once you know the name of an area of the page, you're well on the way to tracking down the relevant files

  • you can find a visual key to page elements in the Elements section of this manual
  • you'll also find an excellent overview in the What Controls What You Seetutorial on Plone.org
  • and a mapping of the viewlet and portlet managers on the Weblion wiki