Where's my Products Directory?

How to track down your products directory. It'll differ according to the Plone installer or installation process you used.

The products directory is where old-style 2.5 products live. To track this down, you'll need to know where your Zope Instance or your Buildout is first.

For theming purposes, the main reason you'll need to investigate the products directory is to locate Plone Default theme files - as parts of Plone are still in old-style product form.

Plone version 3.1.2 onwards

In a Buildout based installation, you'll find products in various directories.

Core Plone products (such as CMFPlone)

For these, have a look in

  • [your buildout]/parts/plone.
Products you download yourself

These should go in

  • [your buildout]/products.

If you find you haven't got a products directory there, then it is OK to create one yourself.

Products you asked buildout to download

If you asked buildout to go and fetch some old-style products, then these will have been dropped into

  • [your buildout]/parts/[directory name].

(Buildout will also have created the directory and will have called it something like "productdistros").

Plone version 3.1.1 or lower

Plone Installer and Plone Product Package

It should be easy to locate all your products (those belonging to the core Plone installation and those you've downloaded yourself) in

  • [your zope instance]/products

However, if you used the Plone 3.1 Universal Installer your installation will be buildout based.