Where to find what you need

Where to put components in your own product and how to track them down in the Zope Management Interface and on the file system.

Through the Web

The templates for most components can be customized through the web:

  • Site Setup > Zope Management Interface > portal_view_customizations

The Elements section can help you identify the component you need.

Plone Default Components on the File system

If you're planning to wire up your own components, you may need to track down the relevant files of existing components to copy. This can be tricky. They are packaged up into a number of different eggs, so you need first to locate where your eggs are stored, and then work out which of these contains the component elements you need.

  • To work out where your eggs are stored, look at the Where is what section of this manual?
  • The Elements section of this manual will help you track down the egg containing the component you need.

In your own Theme Product

The browser folder in your theme product/browser/viewlet.py |
An example viewlet component
This is used to create your theme interface
Use this file to order your viewlets within viewlet managers
Use this file to wire up your components
/browser/templates | styles
These directories can be used for templates, styles, and images. You will need to register these as directories as resources in configure.zcml